Environmental Permitting, Studies, and Solutions.

Working Examples

Consulting Services Provided by CATENA:

Environmental studies performed include:

· Soil surveys;

· Land use surveys;

· Vegetation surveys and monitoring; and,

· Wetland investigations.


In addition to these resource areas, Catena will coordinate with associates and preferred partners to conduct studies of wildlife, hydrology and hydrogeology, socioeconomics, and various other resources.

Environmental analyses and related documentation provided include:

· Environmental Assessments (EAs);

· Environmental Impact Statements (EISs); and,

· Fatal Flaw and Critical Environmental Issues Analyses.


Catena identifies specialists from all fields that are best suited for each project to build highly qualified environmental analyses. Catena also coordinates these teams to provide comprehensive analyses and detailed documentation of the processes and conclusions. By identifying partners in close proximity to the project and familiarity with the project area, Catena ensures project performance is  effective and efficient.

Project Permitting and agency consultation is one of Catena’s specialties. Familiarity with staff in Federal and State regulatory programs and experience on a variety of projects throughout the Western US allow Catena to provide effective environmental permitting solutions for all types of projects.

Mitigation and Reclamation Planning is provided for all industries with land disturbance. Familiarity with reclamation techniques applied at projects throughout the West allows Catena to select those best suited for a particular project or environment. Catena provides comprehensive planning and design from initial development through project closure. Catena is also experienced at negotiating bond release success criteria and negotiating the difficult regulatory processes that govern this final step of project closure.