Environmental Studies, Permitting & Solutions.


Catena’s staff and associates have regional experience and the local knowledge necessary to provide support through all project phases from initial development through closure. Our services vary by industry and project and often include those described below.

Technical Services

Catena’s staff and associates have expertise in a variety of disciplines, allowing us to perform a wide range of technical services including:

  • Wildlife Surveys and Monitoring
  • Wetland and Waters of the US Surveys
  • Vegetation (Plant) Surveys
  • Soil Surveys and Subsurface Sampling
  • Ground Water and Surface Water Monitoring
  • Remediation System Operation
  • Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Socioeconomic Impact Analysis (including Environmental Justice)
  • Reclamation and Mitigation Planning, and
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Management.

Project Siting

Each project’s design, schedule and environmental concerns are as unique as its location and footprint.

Catena assists clients with project siting by evaluating conceptual and proposed layouts to identify constraints, sensitive resources, permitting requirements and related issues. Siting evaluations seek to avoid or minimize environmental impacts (and permitting) where possible and identify environmental factors potentially affecting feasibility.

Siting evaluations often rely on existing data augmented by the findings of reconnaissance level onsite investigations. Catena is experienced at using GIS data and analytical tools to help clients make informed decisions in consideration of available data, identified concerns and potential risks.

Our knowledge of local resources and issues in Montana allow us to provide an informed local perspective where existing data are scarce.

Permitting & Agency Coordination

Navigating permitting processes and coordinating with regulatory and resource management agencies are critical to avoiding project delays. 

Catena works with clients to identify permit requirements in the early phases of a project, helping ensure designs and proposed construction methods are compliant with applicable regulations. Catena develops a plan for data collection, agency coordination, and permit development tailored to each individual project.

When the necessary data are available, Catena works with developers to prepare and submit permit applications and continues providing support during agency review. Our staff also work with operators to develop closure plans and mitigation plans as needed to support applications.

Catena also has experience analyzing effects in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) and our staff have managed and supported preparation of Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) for a variety of projects.

Construction Monitoring

During the construction phase, Catena conducts monitoring to assess contractor compliance with permits, agreements and regulations. Monitoring often includes assessing compliance with Clean Water Act permits and authorizations, such as inspecting stormwater control measures (Best Management Practices [BMPs]) and assessing compliance with nationwide permit conditions for construction in waters of the US, including wetlands.

Operational Monitoring, Mitigation and Reporting

After a project is operational, we conduct monitoring to further assess compliance or detect and measure effects on environmental resources such as wildlife, wetlands, surface water, and groundwater. These activities often result in reports for submittal to regulatory agencies, as required.